Who’s behind International Spinal Cord Injury Logo?

                        5th September – International Spinal Cord Injury Day Campaign


After the request to all members of Ad hoc and Prevention Committee to make proposals on the logotype crafting and design for the ‘International Spinal Cord Injury Day on 5th September 2016, the proposal from the Hellenic Society of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (HSPRM) (EEFIAp), designed and crafted by Konstantinos Katagas, took the approval of ISCoS & ISCoS SCI Day Committee Chair to be the unique logotype for the International SCI Day, with this simple message to the Hellenic Society of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine from Dr. H. S. Chhabra (ISCoS SCI Day Committee Chair):

“As you are aware the members of Ad hoc and Prevention Committee have finalised one of the slogans submitted by Mr. Konstantinos Katagas from your group”.


That is constituting a powerful distinction of the Hellenic society and Konstantinos Katagas. All of us are very proud.

This design was also added as a special design from Konstantinos Katagas in his rest[art] project – rehabilitation is a way of living” (www.restart.net.gr) after the logo’s approval with this mail to all members of ISCoS from Dr. Harvinder S. Chhabra.

“Dear All, Reference our earlier email regarding logo design for the SCI day. As informed earlier the logo submitted by our friends from Hellenic SCI section of HSPRM have been selected.

With regards, Dr H S Chhabra.”


You can see the logo at http://www.worldsciday.org (the site is under construction but it is still visible).

Logotype references:

The figure of the logotype contains a spinal cord as a piece of the main new growing leaf shows the growing of the life.

The five leaves of the plant symbolizes the five continents of Earth which rise behind the plant.

The New Growing plant symbolizes the person’s feelings and demands for the growing of a lead fulfilled life capturing the rights in the society continuously with the help of this society and the progression on it.

The red point οn the sprout at the base of the red spinal cord symbolizes the needs for connections between all involved parts on spinal cord injury society to get the max power building an inclusive world. (including communication, rehabilitation, meditation, mind and body training etc).